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Silage Treat RB274 uses quality bacteria in the right quantity but because we source direct from the manufacturer these are very competitive. The bacterial quality and count is verified at time of production.

Suitable for use on pasture or maize.

We won't compare our product with what you are using now but encourage you to take advantage of the low price and try it for yourself.


The benefits of using silage inoculants compared to not using silage inoculants are well-documented boith internationally and by independent NZ bodies.

·        Environmentally friendly.

·        Increase dry matter recovery.

·        Improved output per tonne of silage produced.

·        More efficient fermentation.

·        Faster fermentation.

·        Supplied in an air and moisture proof foil pack for improved storage.

·        Reduce the breakdown of protein.


Pasture. maize and forage crops

1g per wet tonne
(50g sachets treats 50 wet tonne)


Substance: Natural live bacterial strains with a minimum content of 1 x 1011 cfu/gm


Prior to use read all instructions on the label.

Silage Treat RB274 in a 50g foil sachet will treat 50 wet tonnes of silage.

Premix by pouring the contents into a clean plastic 1-2 litre bottle.  Half fill and shake vigorously.  Fill the bottle and shake again to ensure completely mixed.

If using your own inoculant applicator system then pour the contents or the premix bottle into the applicator container. If you are leasing an applicator system please check your lease agreement as you may not be allowed to use other companies inoculants in these applicators.

If applying by handgun spray unit then pour the contents of the premix bottle into the spray tank and uniformly apply at least 500ml of spray solution per tonne of silage.

Do Not keep tank mixes any longer than the day of mixing.  Use spray pressures of less than 200kPa


Refer to directions on the label.  Caution must be used with any sprayed products and live biological products are no different.

Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.  Keep the temperature under 20oC at all times and if you are able to refrigerate then this is ideal.  However, DO NOT FREEZE and in colder parts of the country keep at or above 4oC.

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or your immune system is compromised in any way you should avoid any contact with microbial products.

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