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Brand: Ranger
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Control docks and buttercups.  Selective herbicide for use in pasture, wheat barley and oats.

Controls docks and buttercups (annual, creeping and giant)

Contains 750g/kg thifensulfuron-methyl as the active ingredient. It's a very low-toxicity product, and is non-hormonal and non-volatile.

The spray is absorbed through the leaves, and works by preventing new growth, rather than by "poisoning" the target weed. Although growth will stop pretty much immediately, it will take a month or 6 weeks for the plant to actually die.

Ideal application time is in the spring during the period of most growth. Best results will occur if pastures are grazed out and allowed to freshen up just prior to application.

Some temporary reduction in pasture vigour may occur after application, affecting ryegrass and clover. However, if you spray when pasture is stressed and not growing well, you risk more serious pasture suppression.

You can apply Ranger by air or ground boom, as well as spot spraying.

APPLICATION RATE is just 20g/Ha, so a 100g pack will treat 5 hectares. 
The addition of a wetter/penetrant is not necessary when selectively spraying docks and buttercups. 
DO NOT graze treated areas for 7 days.


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