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Rainbow & Brown's GA200 controls a wide range of weeds, grasses and clovers, and is safe to use in orchards and vineyards,

The Active ingredient is glufosinate-ammonium at 200g/litre in the form of a soluble liquid concentrate.

GA200 is a non-selective herbicide but with very limited systemic movement through the target plant.  So it has an effect only on parts of plants that are directly hit by the spray.  On the one hand that means you really must ensure that target plants are thoroughly and completely sprayed.  But on the other hand ther's a big advantage: a wee bit of unintended contact via overspray onto a non-target plant is not going to kill it.  By contrast Glyphosate which is a another non-selective herbicide, is very readily translocated through plants, so incidental contact with even a small part of a non-target plant can still easily kill it.

Another advantage over glyphosate is that GA200, in addition to controlling more than 60 species of common weeds including virtually all the species found in orchards and vineyards, also kills clovers.  Glyphosate is weak against clovers.

GA200 is fast acting.  Visual effects on treated plants can appear as soon as just three days after spraying, in ideal growing conditions.




5, 10 and 20L sizes are all packed in 5L jerrycan style containers with tamper-evident screw caps. Shipped in heavy duty cardboard carton, including a detailed directions leaflet.  Rainbow & Brown will ship your GA200 weedkiller NZ wide.

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