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Brand: Decision
Product Code: DECISION
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‘DECISION’ is a new selective herbicide for post-emergent weed control in new and established pasture, as well as in lucerne, chicory, clover and maize crops.

Decision weedkiller is for the control of broadleaf weeds in new & established pasture, as well as in lucerne, chicory, clover and maize crops.

• Contains 800g/kg Flumetsulam in a water dispersible granule

• A Clover-friendly herbicide, Decision weedkiller provides control of annual & perennial buttercups in pasture.

• Good for autumn and spring application.

• Also controls chickweed, cleavers, mallow, oxeye, sorrel, spurrey, stinking mayweed, willow weed and many other weeds.
For best results, you must use Decision herbicide with Superwetter organosilicone penetrant added at 100ml per 100lt water.  Decision is best applied in 100-300L of water per hectare, with the higher rate used when weed cover is dense.

30g-65g/Ha depending on species and growth stage. 
Annual buttercups 50g/Ha, giant buttercups 65g/Ha.


All packs are in wide mouth plastic jars with tamper-evident, resealable caps. Includes scoop, measuring cylinder and directions leaflet.

Shipped in courier bags (smaller orders) or heavy duty cardboard outer cartons.

Rainbow & Brown will ship your Decision weedkiller NZ wide. 

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