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Brand: Buckshot
Product Code: BUCKSHOT
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"BUCKSHOT" - Direct spot application for the control of scattered broadleaf weeds and brushweeds in pasture.
BuckShot herbicide  is applied as a dry granule: no mixing or preparation is required. So it's always ready to use.

Contains 20g/kg picloram as the active ingredient.

Apply by hand, by pogo stick applicator, or by applicator bottle (including the ever-popular old detergent bottle, etc).

BuckShot weedkiller is a dry granule which carries the active ingredient into the soil, where it is absorbed into the roots and then transported up into all parts of the plant. Target weeds will visibly wilt fast and begin to die in just days.
BuckShot will not harm pasture grasses, but it does damage clover.

However, as it is applied locally to the individual target weed, this is not really a problem.

Controls ragwort, nodding thistle, docks, gorse, broom, blackberry, tutu, tutsan, matagouri, fennel, inkweed, lupin, goat's rue, Mexican devil weed, hemlock, heath, Himalayan honeysuckle, sweet brier, St John's wort, woolly nightshade, and smaller boxthorn and barberry.


For ragwort, nodding thistle and docks, apply 2g of BuckShot direct onto the crushed centre of the plant. For brushweeds, sprinkle 30-55g (depending on species) over the top of the plant, out to 30cm from the dripline to get all the roots.

Apply any time of the year when target weeds are growing and there's enough moisture to carry the BuckShot down into the soil. Avoid use on peat or heavy clay soils, which can lock up the active ingredient.

Rainbow & Brown can ship your Buckshot herbicide NZ wide.

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