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Beeter Trio

Rainbow & Brown's Beeter Trio controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds in fodder beet, sugar beet and red beet (beetroot) crops>

Beeter Trio contains three complimentary Active ingredients: 50g/L phenmedipham, 50g/L ethofumesate and 150g/L metamitron in the form of a suspension concentrate (SC).

Beeter Trio is absorbed through the leave and the roots of plants and provide a effective kill on susceptible weeds with yellowing and die-off showing from 5-7 days after spraying.  Makre sure there is good soil moisture to ensure good root uptake.

BEETER TRIO contains surface-active agents and does not normally require the addition of further surfactants or spray oils.

Apply BEETER TRIO using conventional boom spraying equipment that is well maintained and calibrated and set up to achieve complete coverage of all weeds. It may be broadcast or band sprayed using ground based methods of application only. For band treatment ensure that the use rate per sprayed area is consistent with label recommendations. Use a minimum of 200 litres of water per hectare. Do not apply in more than 300 litres of water per hectare. Do not add any surfactants unless experience has shown them to be crop safe.

Avoid treatment if rain is likely before spray has dried on foliage.

BEETER TRIO is considered to be compatible with Clopyralid 600 SL and Chloridazon 650 WG but compatibility checks should still be carried out before mixing. It is preferable to apply BEETER TRIO alone unless experience has shown the mix to be safe. Avoid tank mixing if the crop is stressed or damaged by wind, hail etc.

Red root amaranthus, prostrate amaranthus, black nightshade, cleavers, fathen, hairy nightshade, hedge mustard, scrambling speedwell, stinging nettle, stinking mayweed, shepherd’s purse, storksbill, vervain, wild portulaca, willow weed. The following weeds will be suppressed at label rates, field pansy, twin cress, little flowered  allow, variegated thistle, wireweed, and any plants listed above growing from root chips e.g. prostate amaranthus.


5L jerrycan style container with tamper-evident screw cap. Shipped in heavy duty cardboard carton, including a detailed directions leaflet.  Rainbow & Brown will ship your Beeter Trio fodder beet weedkiller NZ wide.

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