Seaweed Treat Liquid Kelp

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Seaweed Treat Liquid Kelp
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Seaweed Treat Liquid kelp

This is a very concentrated natural bio-stimulant applied as a spray.  It provides many minerals, nutrients and natural growth boosters, to promote vigorous sustained growth, root stimulation, and to enhance frost and stress resistance.

The product is suitable for use on pasture, crops and in horticulture, and is particularly suitable for use in sustainable biological agriculture systems.

The cold-composting process used in production means that the concentrate retains all the natural attributes of kelp including 70 minerals, 17 amino acids, 4 natural growth promoters, chelating agents and complex sugars.



It's sprayed as a 1:20 dilution in water, using a handgun, knapsack or rosette/boom.  Application can be made direct to prepared soil ar as a foliar spray.


Packed in 5lt containers


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