GIBBER 900 3 Pack Special

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GIBBER 900 3 Pack Special
Ex Tax: $519.00
Brand: Gibber
Product Code: GIBBER900-3PACK
Availability: In Stock


Contains gibberellic acid, a natural growth promoter that has been used successfully in horticulture and other areas for many years.

Rapid increase of dry matter (DM) production during spring and autumn (cool weather) feed shortfalls: increases of 30-60% can be achieved within just 3 weeks.

Depending on underlying fertility and pasture quality, this increase can be 250kgDM/Ha extra.

Amazingly cost effective at just $5.50/Ha incl GST and delivery, and simple to apply with any spray gear.


Sizes: the 45g trial pack will treat 5 hectares and the regular 270g pack will treat 30 hectares.


Both sizes are in wide mouth plastic jars with tamper-evident, resealable caps. The included 9g scoop filled level, will treat one hectare.

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