BioTreat N

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BioTreat N
BioTreat N
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Bio Treat N is a natural environmentally friendly biological product for fixing Nitrogen in the soil.  Traditional Nitrogen fertilizing will run out in time with Nitrogen being lost into the environment or used up.    

BioTreat N will fix Nitrogen in line with the plant requirements and keeps on producing Nitrogen but without the undesirable issues associated with other Nitrogen inputs.

Bio Treat N works in a similar way to healthy clover with it’s biology fixing N2 (atmospheric nitrogen gas) and converts it into a stable non-leaching Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4+) which is easily available for the pasture or plants to use. 

There is more than 70,000 tonnes of nitrogen gas above every hectare of pasture.  By using nitrogen fixing bacteria you can tap into this free nitrogen source in a natural way.


·        Environmentally friendly.

·        Free fixed organic nitrogen replaces your synthetic nitrogen.

·        Promotes root growth.

·        Improves water retention as the bacterial strain secretes water absorbing mucus into the root-zone.

·        Stable in the soil and readily available to plants.

·        Easy to spray through most spray gear (keep below 2.5bar).

·        No need for rain after application to make the Nitrogen available as is the case with synthetic N sources

·        Biological product not chemical. Keeps producing when used with a biology feed source and correct soil conditions.

·        Reduced soil erosion.


Substance: Natural nitrogen fixing bacteria 2 x 102 cfu/ml


Prior to use read all instructions on the label.

Bio Treat N is a fantastic alternative to traditional Nitrogen sources but do not apply it either before or straight after any application of traditional Nitrogen products.

There is no withholding period.  For optimal results use in conjunction with

Bio Treat Digester and Bio Treat Humate. 

Bio Treat N Is not a foliar spray so it is best to apply either directly to the soil or onto recently grazed grass.  To ensure the best performance soil conditions such as temperature, pH and organic matter levels are important.  Also important are Iron (Fe) and Molybdenum (Mo).  While Bio Treat N can be applied early the soil temperature needs to be at least 8o C minimum as the bacteria will only activate at optimal soil temperatures. 

Soil pH can be as low as 5.7 but ideally should be in the range pH 6.0 – 6.5. 



50-100ml / ha


200ml / ha

Shrubs and trees

200ml / litre




·        Apply to short grass or soil

·        Best applied early morning or late afternoon.

·        Optimal results achieved when used as part of a complete biological package including
Bio Treat Digester and Bio Treat Humate.

·        Shake the bottle well to ensure the response of the biology.

·        Ensure that once opened the lid is reapplied firmly and even then it should be used within 3 months.

·        If adding the natural Bio Treat Humate and BioTreat Digester  then add to the mix last and use within an hour.

·        Do not mix with any chemicals, herbicides, fungicides or soil fumigants as these can kill the live bacteria in Bio Treat N.


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