Most cost effective weed spray for Gorse?

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Q: What is the most cost effective weed spray to control gorse?

A:  MSF600 is the most cost effective gorse spray that we stock.  As at Sept 2015 1kg MSF600 costs $78.20 and will make up 5000lt of Gorse spray for Handgun spraying application, it is always recommended that you add an organisilicone penetrant (Superwetter or AirwetLF) to the mix no matter what weed spray you are using.  5lt will match 1kg of MSF600 perfectly.

We also stock a 10kg bulk pack for $552, which makes larger spray jobs even more cost effective.

There are draw backs though as MSF600 will kill any ryegrass or clover where you are spraying.  If grass damage is an issue use Grassmate (all year round) or Triclo (Warmer time of the year)

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