Castear and Dandelion Control

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Q: We are looking to control Catsear and dandelion in our pastures.  Can you please advise me whether MCPA 750 would be appropriate for this, or whether you have a spray that would be better suited to this purpose?


A:  Catsear and dandelion are susceptible to the same herbicides, so that simplifies things.

If the plants are small (seedlings or small rosettes) then MCPA750 is a good choice, sprayed at 2-3L/hectare.  It’s grass friendly but may suppress clover for a short while.  If minimising clover damage is critical, then graze fairly hard a few days before spraying, to reduce clover leaf … this will reduce the clover damage in severity and duration.

If the target weeds are larger than small rosettes, then the best bet is Grassmate at 2L/hectare.  This can handle even mature specimens of these weeds, but clover damage will be quite a bit more severe than with MCPA.  You can use the same grazing-before-spraying trick to try to minimise the clover damage, but it will still be harder on the clover I’m afraid.  If you can spray with GrassMate while the clover is dormant that helps, but of course the tradeoff is that the weed control may not be as good in the cooler conditions.  It’s a bit swings and roundabouts, alas.



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