Arum Lily Control

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In response to a cusomer question about lily control.
I think you must be referring to Arum Lily?    But my advice is much the same for all lilies anyway.
According to all the best authorities on lily control, you should not need the paraquat part of your proposed mix.  As an example here's a link to the ARC info page about the Arum Lily, and you'll see that they suggest a mix of MSF600 and Glyphosate.
Note that they do recommend multiple treatments to achieve a good kill and to prevent and/or minimise the subsequent "daughter" (seedling) growth.  That's very important with a lily because the rhizome system beneath the ground will almost  certainly survive a single spraying of the foliage, and then it shoots again.

The ARC people do have a lot of experience with control of lily species that have achieved pest level, and I reckon their advice is the most reliable in this case.

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