Seaweed Extract Powder

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Seaweed Extract Powder This new product was a low-key launch in October 2016. We didn’t make much of a song-and-dance about it, but we knew there were already quite a few fans among our customers for seaweed extract based soil conditioners. And so it has proven:

it’s been selling well and getting excellent reviews from users.

Seaweed extract is suitable for all crops including pasture. It’s an excellent bioactivator, stimulating all the microbes in the soil and helping to break down organic matter and make it more available to the plants.

Seaweed extract carries more than 80 kinds of minerals that are beneficial to plant health. It is also rich in micro-elements, carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids and naturally occurring plant growth promoters. Harvested from the cold waters off Chile, this seaweed extract powder is 100% soluble, so it is easily sprayed on and readily absorbed by the plant, which stimulates root growth and results in remarkable growth effects. For pasture use the rate is 300-500g per hectare applied 2-4 times a year. You can boom spray or rosette spray, or use a handgun.

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