Glyphosate Prices on the Move Again

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This is just a heads-up. Glyphosate prices will rise, probably fairly sharply, during this calendar year. Not just our brands; everybody’s brands. And it’ll likely be soon.

Almost all the world’s glyphosate acid (that’s the technical concentrate used to make usable various forms of glyphosate herbicides) is made in China. And the producers there are constantly having to juggle with all sorts of commercial and Governmental issues that affect the cost of making the stuff. It’s happening again right now.

This time it’s because production of a couple of substances used to make glyphosate acid has been curtailed, partly because of some new Chinese regulations (essentially, too much industry in certain overlyconcentrated areas), and partly because of sustained bad weather conditions in one of the Northern provinces where these strategic substances are made. There’s no way to predict how long and how severe the supply-pinch might last. Certainly the Chinese themselves don’t know. And even when they do know, they aren’t always entirely candid about it anyway.

At the moment, we’re OK at Rainbow & Brown. But not for much longer. There’s every sign that we’ll be forced to increase the Glyphosate and Granny prices soon. Sorry about that! On the other hand, it still won’t reach the price it was 15 years ago, nor 25 years ago. Not many things you can say that about.

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