GA200 for Black Nightshade in Blueberries

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The Question:  Customer has a blueberry orchard that was planted in March 2017 – The plants are very shallow rooted. They to spray black nightshade and want to know if GA200 would be safe to use (Their sprayer has a hood over the nozzle, so they should not have spray drift, but they are worried about the shallow roots) Is there a possibility that the roots could take the GA200 up?  

The Answer:  Our GA200 (Glufosinate ammonium) is specifically designed for use in areas like orchards.  Even if accidentally over-sprayed onto your blueberries it will only be absorbed into the foliage and green stems, so even if you considered roots as being “green stems”,  it has what the boffins call “limited systemic movement”/  This means that any accidental contact with desirable crops won’t result in accidental damage other than those areas accidentally sprayed.

Also the product is inactive in the soil.  So basically unless all the roots of the plant were above ground and all the roots were sprayed it is unlikely you will have any issues.

The trade-off with this though is that you do need to completely spray the weeds.  In your case Black nightshade.  If you only spray a small part of the weed then only these parts will be killed and it is possible that they might come back. 

Also GA200 works best when weeds are growing actively (not drought stressed for instance) and when the temperatures are not cool.  Given the temperatures are starting to drop a bit now I would recommend you spray sooner rather than later although spring is the optimal time.  I have attached the directions leaflet for you reference.

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